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Miami Beach, FL
Jetair Support will have personnel in place to assist you with excellent workmanship, unmovable integrity and the best service in the business. Let us show you how our knowledge based solutions translate into quicker turnaround times and cost savings for you. So see you there!!

Miami, FL
A Better Mouse Trap for Shot Peening

Improved shot peening for the CFM56-3, -5, and -7 family of jet engines by Jetair Support a Miami based MRO facility. An in-house method to automate and enhance the process maximizes quality, turnaround time and cost.

Miami, FL
JetAir Support continues to look ahead concentrating on international market expansion. TAP Maintenance and Engineering, a major MRO solutions provider, is the most recent addition to the customer base and thus increasing JetAir Suport's  coverage into the Americas, Africa and Europe.

TAP Maintenance and EngineeringTAP Maintenance and Engineering offers aircraft base maintenance service from centers in Portugal and two in Brazil. A globally recognized premiere MRO solution provider for Airbus, Boeing and Embraer fleets, it offers a unique value proposition built around geographical flexibility, wide range of service and agility. TAP M&E has experience in commercial and military aircraft engines. Their capabilities include repair and overhaul on CFM56-3, -5A, -5B, - 5C, -7B and JT8D standard engines making it an excellent fit with JetAir Support.

Expertise in the CFM56 and JT8D family of engines has earned JetAir Support worldwide recognition. The newly acquired CAAC Certification in April has already actualized services for China's growing demand.

Structured production management, international market strategies and higher efficiency are key factors for customer satisfaction and steady growth.

Beijing, China
JetAir Support Inc., Miami has been awarded the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) Certification number F00100586 for the repair of jet engine components utilized in commercial aviation.

CAAC CertifiedThe CAAC Certification provides for the repair of components of the CFM56 family of engines in which the company specializes.  JetAir Support has met all of the stringent demands including audits in their Miami facilities (photo below) and training sessions in Beijing.

JetAir Support CAAC Audit in Miami"Our customers now have a much larger playing field. China is the fastest growing market and they can count on CAAC Certification through our component repair and maintenance services," says Adelino Martins, President of JetAir Support. "We're simply meeting our business expansion goals by satisfying our customers' needs. The certification also allows us to directly tap into China's expanding market and open new doors."


Dallas, TX
MRO LogoJetair Support will once again be attending the MRO Americas (APR 3-5) in Dallas, booth #3817. The conference gives buyers and vendors the opportunity to meet face to face and discuss new ideas. If you would like to prearrange a meeting, kindly reply to this email for a confirmation.


Jetair Support Inc., Miami, awarded a substantial federal contract from the U.S. Air Force Materiel Command, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla., for engines, turbines and components.

USAF PlaneIf the U.S. Air Force trusts Jetair Support,
You can too.

Under the five year  contract, Jetair Support, Inc. will repair, rebuild or overhaul components for gas turbine engines and coordinate related logistics to support intelligence gathering aircraft stationed at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. 

Commenting on the award, Adelino Martins, President of Jetair Support said, "The United States Air Force has demonstrated the utmost confidence in Jetair Support to provide MIL-SPEC work  through a considerable award. It is now our turn to return the honor and pride of serving our nation's aviation defense systems".

As part of the company's business expansion plan, it continues to pursue similar contracts here and abroad. In spite of a weak economy, Jetair Support continues to grow based on its performance and track record.


East Hardford, CT
Pratt & Whitney's approval authorization given to JetAir Support on July 27, 2011 to perform the "Source Approved" Shot Peening of the blade slots on the JT8D-200 series Low Compressor Disks.

Pratt & Whitney LogoJetAir Support has won the trust and confidence of another leading aerospace manufacturer with global service operations. At the same time, JetAir Support continues to invest in the latest repair tehnologies and equipment as part of its commitment to superior service and quality workmanship. 

The Pratt & Whitney logo is property of Pratt & Whitney, a United Technologies Company.

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JetAir Support is a proud vendor of Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation materials.
Proud vendors of Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation materials
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CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7
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