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Welcome to Jetair Support, Inc an FAA repair station facility conveniently located near Miami International Airport in Miami, Florida, USA. Since 1992 we have been serving major airlines, MRO's, brokers, military and government agencies around the globe.

At Jetair Support we proudly offer knowledgeable management staff and maintenance experience to the aviation industry concerning the repair and maintenance of turbine engines parts. We are CAAC, EASA and FAA certified.

Our capabilities list includes CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7, PW2000, PW4000, JT8D, JT8D-200 and JT9D-7R4D/E/E4 (see full list of capabilities). Jetair Spport is an approved Pratt and Whitney Qualified Supplier.

Our expertise and time tested reputation are here for you. We continuously strive to provide solutions that reduce our customers' maintenance costs and keep their aircraft in the air. We look forward to having you as part of our worldwide list of satisfied customers.


Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide peace of mind to the aviation industry through high quality repair and maintenance services accredited to our trained and motivated human team that seeks excellence in each job and hand-picked vendors to assure our 100% compliance with FAA, CAAC, EASA and ISO regulations.

Internally, Jetair Support advocates a work environment characterized by fair treatment of staff, open communications, personal accountability, trust and mutual respect. We are committed to provide our employees a stable work environment with equal opportunity for learning and personal growth. We will seek solutions to workplace issues that support and optimize the operating principles of the organization. Furthermore, we strive to have the highest employee retention in the commercial aviation industry.


Our Values & Expectations

We value each other. Each employee, co-worker, guest, customer and vendor brings a great opportunity to build a long-term partnership. We treat all with respect and dignity. Through our actions we will honor each person and demonstrate our commitment to them.

We strive to offer our best. Through our inspections, repairs, and our service we will always strive to offer the best.

We expect to improve daily. Each day, in all we do, we aim to improve; through service to our guests, support of each other, or our daily operations and efficiencies. Through this we look to grow our business.

We expect to be profitable. By working smart, driving sales and controlling our costs we look to consistently create profit margins that help us move forward on our mission.

At Jetair Support, Inc, we know whole heartedly that our biggest resource are our trusted employees. It is our honor to have them here and it is our duty to stand along side them.

 - The Jetair Support Management Team

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JetAir Support is a proud vendor of Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation materials.
Proud vendors of Pratt & Whitney and GE Aviation materials
Capability Lists:
CFM56-3, CFM56-5, CFM56-7
PW2000, PW4000
JT8D, JT8D-200



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